JAMES MCKUSKER   was born in Glasgow, Scotland, October 10, 1830. When he was three years old
his parents came to America, landing at Philadelphia, soon after going to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
where his father worked at his trade, that of a stonemason, and who, in 1837, was killed by the falling
of a stone while working in a tunnel. At his father's death he was only seven years old and soon after
he was taken by a family by the name of Murphy, with whom he lived until he was fourteen years old.
Since his father's death he has not seen or heard of his mother. When he left the Murphy family, in
1851, he went to Comanche, Iowa, where he was employed in various avocations. In 1856 he married
Ann Mumby, of Comanche, daughter of Charles Mumby, who was born at Kirmington, England, in
1840, and came with her parents to the United States when she was twelve years old. In 1857 he
came to Iowa county and settled in Honey Creek Township, where he worked by the month until he
had earned enough to purchase a team and breaking plow, with which he earned enough in three
years to purchase the farm on which he now lives. His farm when he purchased it was wild prairie; it is
now a productive farm with a comfortable house, a small orchard and shade trees, all the result of his
own labor. He has seven children: Charles   (a farmer), Fanny (a teacher), Blanche, Martha, Maria, Frank
and John.

(History of Iowa County, Iowa, Published 1881)
McKusker Family History
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